Zimbra: Comunidad Hispanohablante

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Zimbra Hispano nace como iniciativa de Partners, clientes y entusiastas de Zimbra de todos los lugares, y que tienen en común que son hispanohablantes. Zimbra Hispano es la primera Sub-Comunidad Oficial de Zimbra, y además la primera en Español.   Contenido en Zimbra Hispano Zimbra Hispano cuenta con material genuino y exclusivo en...

Curso: Creando Dashboards con Pentaho CE & Ctools: este 19 y 20 de Marzo

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Los dashboards (o tableros de control) permiten determinar el estado actual y la tendencia de cualquier organización, facilitando realizar representaciones graficas que se pueden utilizar para el proceso de toma de decisiones estratégicas sobre su negocio. La esencia de los dashboards es la exploración y explotación de los datos de manera...

Curso: Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle-Spoon)

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Erica Swallow is a technology and lifestyle writer. Sign up for her course on “PR for Startups” to learn more about getting media coverage for your fledgling business. It can be challenging for unknown startups to garner press attention — budgets are tight, relationships with journalists may not be that strong and explaining a new concept...

5 startup lessons learned when Silicon Valley came to London

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Two days ago, 800 people assembled at a south London art college for Silicon Valley Comes To Tech City, an event which saw experienced entrepreneurs and investors from America’s tech mecca engage in an afternoon of fast-paced panels and interview sessions with the aim of inspiring the UK’s next generation of startup founders. The event...

Bootstrap designer en Pentaho CE + 5.1

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  Ronald Brown is a successful startup CEO with an extensive background in technology and consumer marketing. His new book, Anticipate. The Architecture of Small Team Innovation and Product Success is available via iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Last year, reports said creativity was on the decline in the U.S. However,...

Holiday Marketing Guide: 7 High-Tech Solutions for Small Business

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Holiday Marketing

Scott Steinberg is a small business expert, professional keynote speaker, noted strategic consultant, and creator of The Business Expert’s Guidebook series and video show Business Expert: Small Business Tips, Trends and Advice. Entrepreneurs and startups can download and share free guides, tip sheets and inside advice from his website. Happy...

How to Tell Your Business Story in 60 Seconds or Less

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Business Story

Unfortunately, many small-business owners don’t think enough about their company’s story and how it comes across. I can say that with confidence because I’ve witnessed many ineffective pitches at conferences and chamber of commerce mixers. At the last chamber mixer I attended, I asked one person what he did. His response...

Yahoo Shuts Down Four Entertainment Blogs

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Yahoo has shut down The Projector, The Set, The Amplifier and The Famous, four blogs covering television, movie, music and celebrity topics, respectively. The blogs announced the news on their Twitter accounts, adding that “other blogs” will be shut down as well. “As was just announced, Yahoo has decided to let @YahooProjector...

Error de memoria en Eclipse | Maven | GlassFish “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space”

Tutorial iDempiere: Agregando nuevos paneles en iDempiere ERP